Welcome to thehandycrafterblog

Welcome to thehandycrafterblog

Hello everyone,

Just a little introduction about me. I have always been a creative person and take on so many new hobbies. Started jewellery making a few years ago, although it was really enjoyable, I decided to take up a new hobby, nail art!

Really enjoy doing nails, I do all sorts of nail art on natural nails. I did start working with acrylic nails for a while but you need a lot of time and dedication to perfect it and well, at the time I never had the time. I still do nails for my family and myself of course! But it’s not my main hobby at the moment.

Earlier this year I started sewing. I didn’t have a clue on how to use a sewing machine but my good friend YouTube had loads of tutorials which really helped me get into it. I have done a few tote bags, make up bags, pocket tissue holders, toiletry bags etc You can find all my projects on my Instagram page.

Whilst browsing on YouTube, I came across some wonderful ladies who love to do paper craft and that’s where my love for paper crafting was born 🙂 So I now have a new hobby which I dedicate my free time to as it’s something I love to do.

I have been inspired by all the lovely crafters on YouTube and give them 100% credit and thank them for the inspiration. All my paper craft work is also on my Instagram page but have decided to create this blog as not everyone has Instagram and would like to share my projects with everyone.

Hope you all enjoy 🙂