Pocket Letter Swap

Pocket Letter Swap

Hi everyone,

So last month I did a pocket letter swap with the lovely Ann Melvin. She’s postivelypapercraft on YouTube. Check her out 🙂

I have seen pocket letters popping up recently on Pinterest, YouTube etc and I really wanted to make one so thought I’d contact Ann and she was happy to swap with me. We decided to do whatever we wanted rather than sticking to just one theme.

It’s my first pocket letter and I had so much fun making it. Unfortunately I didn’t take pictures of my one, which I will next time I do one but Ann did a video of the swaps so you can find it on her channel:

And this is what I received

How gorgeous is this pocket letter! I absolutely love it! It has so many lovely die cuts and embelishments and they’re neatly inside these cute little pockets she’s made. She even gave me some extra goodies. How sweet and kind of her. Thank you Ann! Look forward to swapping with you again 🙂

I really want to do a Christmas theme pocket letter swap seeing as Christmas is just around the corner! If anyone in the UK wants to swap with me, please contact me. Would love to swap with you 🙂

Have a great day!

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